ASIMCO Group has eight major operating companies in China, and these operating companies can provide customers with a wide range of products including engine fuel injection system, starter, generator, piston ring, camshaft, cylinder block and head, aluminum casting, air compressor, brake disc, vibration damper and rubber seal.

Based on the successful management experience of export projects, ASIMCO Group has organized Key Account Management to forge a bridge between operating companies and clients, sufficiently mobilize the experience and advantages of key account managers in customer communication, project management and professional knowledge, bring the manufacturing and R&D advantages of operating companies to the extreme, have effective communication and tight cooperation with key accounts, focus intensive efforts on key projects and develop a broader range of products to serve key accounts in China and abroad.

The establishment of key account management mechanism has not just played a critical role in maintaining key account relationship and promoting successful development of important project, but achieved the support and recognition from domestic and foreign clients, thus reaping good reputation and more business opportunities for ASIMCO Group.