Stop-Start Starter System for Future Fuel Economy Legislation

Stop-Start Starter
Forecast of SS Starter Penetration
Robots for SS Starter Assembly
Durability Simulator
Customer Value
  • High value solution for vehicle fuel efficiency
  • 8-10% Fuel saving expected
  • Little impact to vehicle system design and driver behavior

ASIMCO Advantages
  • Meet VW 300,000 cycles durability requirement
  • Extensive expertise and know-how in starter products

Project Status
  • 300,000 cycles bench test completed
  • Manufacturing system validated
  • Customer planned SOP in 2016

Light-Weighted Starters to Keep Pace With Customer Engines Upgrading

Light-weighted Starters
Performance Curve
Intelligent Error-proofing Assembly Line
Intelligent Error-proofing Automatic Armature Line
Customer Value
  • 20% packaging space saved
  • Helps to reduce fuel consumption & green gas emission ( fuel economy improved by 6%-8% when vehicle weight reduced by 10%)
  • Fully interchangeable with current starters
ASIMCO Advantages
  • Starter weight reduced by 25%
  • Equivalent performance & durability
  • Reliable manufacturing system & consistent process capability
Project Status
  • Product to be validated by 2014
  • SOP planned in 2015