ASIMCO manufactures a wide range of products, including stop-start starters, regular starters and alternators; piston rings, valve seat rings, NVH and rubber seals and material process technology related products, such as iron casting engine cylinder heads and blocks, iron or steel casting camshafts, varieties of gravity or die casting aluminum components, and powder metal sintered parts.  Based on its various product categories, ASIMCO has built 5 independent R&D centers to persistently improve its product development capabilities.  With more demanding and stricter government requirements on fuel economy, emission standards and safety, ASIMCO is increasing its investment in new product development and is improving its product structure according to the characteristics of the Chinese market.  These new products include new generation stop-start starters for passenger car fuel efficiency, key engine components such as piston rings, camshafts and engine blocks and heads for Euro V & Euro VI engines.

ASIMCO works closely with its customers to develop new products that meet the needs of the rapidly growing China market, as well as to take advantage of the lower cost and China-based technological application of China production. With China's expanding automotive market, ASIMCO is strengthening its core ability to access product, process and materials technologies needed to build its business area that do not currently exist in China.  This will be achieved by continuing to develop relationships with key global partners, as it has demonstrated in the past.

Greater emphasis is also being placed on enhancing the Company's own product development and research capability. ASIMCO's broad list of products and process capabilities, combined with its presence in China and knowledge of the China market, are solid building blocks for proactive self-research and development activity.