ASIMCO's vision is "To be China's leading auto components group with recognizable global impact". Vision guides the direction for us, to let us realize what kind of company we are going to be. In order to achieve our vision, to be competitive in the market and to lead the industry, we need continuously innovate, improve and optimize our operating system.

ASIMCO has issued its operating manuals (six books include EHS, Quality Management, Operation Availability, Flow Manufacturing, Working Place Organization, Staff Training and Improvement), Implementation Guide and Evaluation System.  The Manual focus on how to build the standardized operating system.  Centered with the manufacturing sites, the Manual set the standard through the complete manufacturing processes and keep the same standard as the requirement of global customers.  Implementation Guide and Evaluation System is the explanation and utilization of the Manual.

ASIMCO also launched "ASIMCO Operating System Eight Principles" as our core concept of its Operating System. All these works we have designed are aimed to consolidate operations, enhance internal competitiveness, and to reach the top level in operations management. Thus, ultimately realize our Group's vision and become customers' preferred supplier.

ASIMCO Operating System Eight Principles are as the following:

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Establishment of ASIMCO's vision and ASIMCO Operating System are reflected that we pursuit tirelessly toward the world-class manufacturing standard.