December 20 , 2020  

ASIMCO Technologies Recognized by PACCAR China's "2020 Best Support"

PACCAR China's 2020 Suppliers Conference with the theme of "Forging Ahead Bravely and Achieving Win-win Cooperation" was held in Shanghai on December 10, 2020. Due to the negative effects of COVID-19 epidemic, this conference with a smaller size only invited 15 clients. As one of PACCAR China's most important suppliers, ASIMCO Technologies was recognized as the "2020 Best Support", and invited to attend the 2020 Suppliers' Conference and dinner party.

The outbreak of this epidemic made it impossible to restart production as scheduled, and caused much uncertainty regarding transportation by air and sea. What's more, it's necessary to guarantee the supply of over 50 types of exported parts to six plants across four countries on three continents. All the difficulties involved are beyond imagination. To tackle these problems, ASIMCO waited for no time to create a task force and open a "war room" in its Beijing headquarters. The HQ, together with ASIMCO Europe, ASIMCO USA as well as its operating companies, design and coordinate production plans by referring to the clients' needs, deploy transportation by land, rail, sea and air, monitor daily progress, and try all means to achieve an access to rail transportation and ensure the supply of all the exported parts.

The group has never ceased its steps to explore new business when the supply is ensured. The export of rubber parts to the U.S. market progressed as planned, from the timely delivery of PPAP samples at the start of 2020, to the batch supply of products now. Since the on-site communication was impossible, such means of communication as emails, WeChat and telephone were used. The expansion of European business was successfully moving forward a well. The introduction via video conference and the live streaming impressed our clients of rubber parts business in Europe.
As a product and service supplier, the clients' recognition is the best reward for what we've done. Thank all the employees for their hard work. Thank PACCAR for its recognition of ASIMCO's work.