December 8 , 2020  

ASIMCO Shanxi Recognized as "Excellent Supplier" for Eight Times by DCEC

The DCEC's 2020 Suppliers Conference with the theme of "Uniting as One, Winning the Future via Quality" was held in Hefei on December 8, 2020. DCEC's General Manager Xu Daqian attended the meeting and delivered a keynote speech. More than 130 suppliers attended this conference. ASIMCO Shanxi's General Manager Tian Guozhu attended this conference.

The company was recognized as "Excellent GP Supplier", "Excellent Anti-epidemic Supplier" and "Best Supplier for Supporting VPI Project" for its excellent quality and contribution. Therefore, the company became the only supplier to be honored by three awards. What's more, this was the eighth time that the company has been recognized as DCEC's "Excellent Supplier", and also the first time that the company has been honored by the same client's three awards in the same year.

As DCEC's leading strategic supplier, the company offered 14 types of products for DCEC, including Z14 engine, which will become Cummins' key product in domestic commercial vehicle market. 

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At the conference, Xu Daqian shared DCEC's delighting success for 2020. DCEC is expected to sell 210,000 engines by the end of 2020, up 12% annually, and to record an annual sales income of 10 billion Yuan. In 2021, DCEC will make sustained efforts to develop the products at National VI Emission Standard, increase the engine power to 660 horsepower, and tighten management on three dimensions including product power, manufacturing power and marketing power. In the face of new challenges and opportunities, Xu hoped that all the suppliers could work closely with DCEC, and adhere to the "quality first" philosophy and seek coordinated development, so as to achieve mutual development and success with DCEC.

In 2021, ASIMCO Shanxi will continuously highlight product quality, adhere to the corporate spirit of "Professionalism, Devotion, Cooperation and Outperformance" and the work style of "Truth-seeking, Pragmatism and Implementation" , and enhance its comprehensive management ability to stride toward the goal of being "China's leading company and the world's first-class company".