October 17 , 2020  

ASIMCO Group's 17th Annual Marketing Conference
---Insightful analysis, far-sighted discussion and effective measures

ASIMCO Group's 17th Annual Marketing Conference was held on October 16-17, 2020 in Beijing. ASIMCO HQ's senior executives, as well as the heads of sales teams from European and American offices, Beijing Office and all the operating companies were present on this important occasion. They explored the latest trend in global and domestic automobile markets, shared their experience in market development and their sales insights, discussed about the possible ways to compromise the adverse effects of this pandemic and further increase market share, and made plans for the key marketing tasks in the new situation.

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The two-day meeting saw down-to-earth discussion, well-prepared materials and sufficient Q&A process, so all the attendees gains many new insights. The business executives of Roland Berger, SAIC Volkswagen and Cummins China were invited to make speeches on the development trend of main technologies in new energy vehicle market in China and abroad, the development strategies of leading multinationals, and suppliers' ways to deal with challenge in the VUCA era. All the people will make concerted efforts to strive for the same goal along the same direction.