September 29 , 2020  

ZMJ Holding Financial Meeting & ASIMCO's Annual Meeting on Finance and Internal Control 2020

The financial meeting of ZMJ Holding and ASIMCO Group's annual meeting on finance and internal control was held in Beijing on September 28-29, 2020. The meeting was presided over by Ms. Monica Song, CFO of ASIMCO. More than 40 colleagues from the financial and internal control of ASIMCO Headquarters and all the operating companies, and from ZMJ and SEG, were present at this event.
The meeting started with ZMJ Holding Financial Director Huang Hua's speech "Financial Personnel in the Era of Digital Transformation: Move Ahead or Stay Here". The forward-looking perspective offered a chance for the financial personnel to reconsider their positioning. What's more, the colleagues from ZMJ shared their understanding of smart financial reporting, capital pool, taxation work, commercial factoring and overall budget management.

Then Monica reviewed ASIMCO Group's financial results from January to August 2020, and the heads of finance and internal control from all the operating companies summarized and shared their respective work. The speech "Cost Control, Tracking and Analysis" by She Wei, Senior Manager of Financial Analysis from SEG, offered much insight for the financial and internal control personnel on the scene. 
The experts from PWC and UiPath were invited to share their knowledge about development trend of automotive industry, sustainable cost reduction and efficiency improvement, and automated transformation of enterprises to broad every participant's horizon and deepen their understanding of industry environment and requirements for financial and internal control work. 

Ms. Huang and Monica respectively made a conclusive remark, in which they posed higher requirements for the financial and internal control personnel in this era of digital transformation. In the face of the group-level strategy, the financial and internal control management teams from ZMJ and ASIMCO should further consolidate their financial management basis, absorb the fresh management thoughts and provide strong supports for the management decisions and legal compliance at all the executive levels.