September 23 , 2020  

Cummins and ASIMCO Group's A Panel Review Held in ASIMCO Shanxi

The annual high-level meeting between Cummins and ASIMCO Group was held in ASIMCO Shanxi on September 23, 2020. This event has become a very important platform for two enterprises to review the past and make development plans.

The leaders from Dong Cummins, including its executive vice president, the vice president of technology, as well as the procurement heads from Cummins China and its six joint-venture facilities, attended this meeting. ASIMCO Group's CEO, along with the general managers from three key suppliers for Cummins, including ASIMCO Shanxi, Camshaft and Shuanghuan, and their team members were present on this significant occasion. This was a strong indicator of the strategic partnership forged between two parties.

At the meeting, the procurement director from Cummins China gave an introduction to Cummins, and its business development and organizational structure. Three general managers from ASIMCO Group's operating companies introduced the operations of their own companies and detailed their business with Cummins. The leaders from Cummins reviewed ASIMCO Group's performance in their cooperation projects, made positive comments on the outstanding outcomes and voiced their expectations about cost, quality and delivery, and finally mentioned the requirements for the tightened cooperation. The heads from two enterprises exchanged their views about the development momentum of automobile market and especially commercial vehicle market in 2020 4Q and 2021 1H, and discussed the possible effects of new energy and hybrid power.

Mr. Huang Haitao, Executive VP of Dongfeng Cummins, extended his deep gratitude for ASIMCO operating companies to offer great supports for Cummins' joint-venture facilities by surmounting all the troubles during the outbreak of COVID-19. As Huang said, the tighter strategic partnership with ASIMCO Group will be of great importance for Cummins's operation in Chinese market. He hoped that the project teams from two enterprises could always work closely to successfully complete the R&D and launch of the vehicle engines that meat National VI Emission Standard.
Mr. Wang Bin, CEO of ASIMCO Group, conveyed his warm welcome to all the heads of supply chain from Cummins who came to attend the meeting at ASIMCO Shanxi. Wang said that Cummins is the most important customer for ASIMCO Group, so the partnership with Cummins was treasured most. The group would utilize the best resources at all levels to fully support Cummins's joint-venture facilities to explore the chances with domestic and international engine market. He hoped that more chances will be discovered for business cooperation in the future.
After the meeting, all the leaders present visited ASIMCO Shanxi's R&D Center, product exhibition hall, foundry production line and processing line of castings, and exchanged the related information on site.