August 26 , 2020  

ASIMCO Camshaft passed FAW Xichai's On-site Audit for Exemption from Annual Review

FAW Xichai conducted the on-site audit of ASIMCO Camshaft for exemption from annual review on August 26-27, 2020. The company's Deputy General Manager of Technology & Quality Dai Hongxing and other department leaders participated in this audit.

After the first meeting, Mr. Dai accompanied the audit team in a visit to the production site. He introduced the company's workshops and production. The audit team learned details about the company's quality management system and conducted the on-site audit of production line. They referred to the information about scene management and technique discipline, and pointed out the possibility of streamlining maintenance projects on the equipment with stable performance to reduce investment in resources. This offers a new perspective to lean production. The audit team conducted an audit of 29D finished products and the final test results meet what's required on drawings and by the clients.

At the last meeting, two parties communicated about this audit result. Xichai's production line, as a dedicated line, has an outstanding production capacity and provides clients with the products of steady quality. Due to the supports from all the departments concerned, the company passed this year's audit at a success rate of 95%.
When confronted by risks and challenges, we'll shape excellent quality and explore new opportunities. We'll constantly improve production management and guarantee rapid and healthy growth.