July 16 , 2020  

ASIMCO Shuanghuan Recognized as the "Class-A Supplier" of Sinotruk Jinan Engine Manufacturing Division

Sinotruk Jinan Engine Manufacturing Division ("Jinan Division") held the strategic supplier conference & launch of supply chain promotion plan in Jinan on July 16, 2020. ASIMCO Shuanghuan's Deputy General Manager of Sales Yang Ming was invited to attend the meeting. The company was recognized as Sinotruk's "class-A supplier".

Sinotruk Purchase Center's Director Li, and Jinan Power's General Manager Shi, Deputy General Manager Bi and Procurement Director Zhang were present at the meeting. Jinan Division gave a report on its business result for the first half of 2020. To be specific, the company produced 81,000 engines, 63% of the annual production goal. The half-year output of MAN engines was even higher than the last year's output. And the daily output increased from 400 to about 580, thus refreshing the record. Jinan Division will continue to increase production capacity in the second half of 2020 so that daily output can reach 800 units in November, and strive to reach 1000 units. Jinan Division also mentioned the requirement and hope for all the suppliers in terms of resources guarantee, quality improvement, cost control and collaborative operation.

ASIMCO Shuanghuan has strong confidence in Jinan Division's future development. The company will make increasing investments in technological transformation to purchase key equipment from China and abroad, and adjust production line to increase output and boost quality assurance performance, so as to meet Jinan Division's growing installation needs. Sinotruk's recognition this time will inspire the company's tough determination. The company will support Sinotruk's high-speed and high-quality growth through the cutting-edge technology, the most reliable quality, timely delivery and intimate services, and move on alongside Sinotruk toward a win/win future.