May 28 , 2020  

Ding Xiaoqiang Visited ASIMCO Shanxi to Instruct the Development of Competitive Industry

Ding Xiaoqiang, the Secretary of the CPC Yuncheng Municipal Committee, visited ASIMCO Shanxi on May 28, 2020 to learn about the company's operation, efforts to develop itself into a "three-zero" company, and improvement of living environment. The related leaders at the municipal and county levels also took part in this visit.


ASIMCO Shanxi is the largest manufacturer of cylinder blocks and heads for engines in China. Ding and other leaders visited the company's product showroom, casting workshop, intelligent machining workshop and lab. The company's General Manager Tian Guozhu gave a detailed introduction to development plans, products R&D, and production technique. Ding asked about the company's development status and plans and listened to the opinions. His words injected great confidence to the company in its efforts to become bigger and stronger. He praised more than once that it's "a good company". He added that he'll visit Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery Group in Zhengzhou. Ding said that Jiang County Economic and Technology Development Zone should introduce more upper-reach and down-reach enterprises for the industry leader ASIMCO Shanxi to cultivate and develop the engine manufacturing industry cluster.

We're convinced that the company will become stronger and more outstanding thanks to the government leaders' supports.