March 30 , 2020  

ASIMCO Anhui's Chongqing Branch Passed Chang'an's Release Audit during the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic

During the outbreak of global pandemic, ASIMCO Anhui saw the first client audit, namely the release audit of Chongqing branch on March 30, 2020.
Chongqing Branch, which was launched in August 2019, officially started equipment debugging phase and trial operation phase in January 2020. When everything was ready, an unexpected pandemic discontinued our normal plans. Under the leadership of the company's management team, the company dispatched the first group of brave employees to participate in the construction of its Chongqing Branch despite lots of difficulties.


In mid March, all the equipment in the plant, which ranged from machining and assembly, was already in normal operation, and a noticeable breakthrough and improvement was made in site layout, production equipment and automation level.
On March 30, the whole team confidently and energetically welcomed the first audit after the Spring Festival in 2020. Chongqing Branch's audited products were mainly TVD belt pulleys, and the quality experts from Chang'an confirmed and checked on site the whole production process that extended from incoming inspection to packaging of finished products, and spoke highly of the company's manufacturing site design, production and logistics line, working environment and staff morale. Moreover, the experts made positive comments on our insights from previous experience and lessons and our improvement efforts with the new production line. This audit is the company's first time to receive the second party's audit in 2020, and also the starting point for Chongqing Branch.