February 3 , 2020  

A Major Breakthrough in the Operation Efficiency of ASIMCO Shanxi's No.2 Casting Workshop Core-Making Center

In January 2020, the production of the Core-making Center in the company's No.2 Casting Workshop saw a MoM increase by 15% and an annual rise by over 20% when there's a major breakthrough in its efficiency. As a never-seen achievement for No.2 Casting Workshop, it marks a good beginning for this year.


In the last quarter of 2019, there's a robust increase in the demand for roughcast of powerful cylinder blocks against the background of rapidly recovering market. The company integrated its resources in production, maintenance and technology, and took active actions to make improvement in multiple ways. 

Equipment upgrading: The Core-making Center developed the air heating system to improve the vaporization of triethylamine, adjusted the combined actions of mechanical arms, renovated No.1 rotary table of core assembly and developed the core-making capacity of No.2 rotary table of core assembly, built the fully automatic system for comprehensive coating control to guarantee the dip coating procedure, and accelerated the operation of drying furnace by ensuring automatic circulation in a scheduled way and reducing manual intervention. 

Mold optimization: The Core-making Center bettered the tooling nozzle and exhaust system to increase instant sand-filling quantity and reduce sand-shooting pressure, and to support gas distribution and solidification of sand core.

Operation organization: The Core-making Center enabled the overall dip coating of all the core assembly and achieved the perfect synchrony between human operation and machine operation.

Process operation: The local operation was conducted to reduce the staff's invalid actions.

The Core-making Center could guarantee the efficient production through a series of improvements when quantity and quality remained intact, so that the Center successfully completed the company's operation tasks and manifested the company's values like struggle, innovation, responsibility and tenacity.

We'll summarize experience and make continued improvements on full scales to lay a solid foundation for the company's annual sales income of one billion Yuan, and constantly explore the new business to usher in a new development stage.