January 15 , 2020  

A Brighter Future Driven by Your Excellence
---- Success of HIPO Talent Development Program 2019

The selected talents in ASIMCO Group's High-Potential (HIPO) Talent Development Program graduated after the learning and exchange events were organized for six times during the period from January 2019 to January 2020. The grand graduation ceremony was staged in ZMJ on January 15, 2020. 

An enterprise would be hopeless without top talents. ASIMCO's VP of Human Resources Linda Liu, who is also the program leader, said that HIPO Talent Development Program is designed to help the HIPO talents push their own limits and achieve the radical changes and improvements. In the last year, those HIPO talents from all the operating companies, as well as the talents from ZMJ, got together to study and exchange though they come from different age groups, functions and regions. They showed some impressive features unique to those HIPO talents, such as active, passionate, well-targeted and committed.

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Growth is a ceaseless effort to challenge ourselves. As the first part of this program, the Breakthrough Thinking of HIPO Talents involves leadership, power of full engagement, finance and upgrading of thinking. What's more, the visits to some operating companies and the inspirations from those industry pacesetters helped everyone gain an intimate understanding of the road to excellence. After each training session, many colleagues actively shared inside their companies with the teams. These contents assisted the talents to extend their learning experiences to their work and lives in a planned and progressive manner, so an efficient cycle consisting of learning-practice-re-learning-re-practice is created as a result.

As we might expect, our HIPO talents got engaged in each part of the learning process and enjoyed admirable work results. Some HIPO talents also gained the new chances to challenge themselves and started to assume more important responsibilities.
Growth is not final and training is no end, but a new beginning. We hope that all the talents seize every day and cherish their best years. Meanwhile, we also hope that this platform can help more talents with potentials can grow rapidly and offer the professional training opportunities during the early stage of their careers. In fact, this is the most important consideration in the group's talent development work and also an essential foundation for our future success.

Wish all the HIPO talents grow into the ambitious and courageous leaders.