January 10 , 2020  

A Witness to Glorious Moments
----ASIMCO Shanxi, ASIMCO Camshaft and ASIMCO Shuanghuan Recognized by SFH'S Three Prizes

SAIC Fiat Powertrain Hongyan Co., Ltd. (SFH) held SFH Strategic Seminar for Suppliers 2020 in Kunming on January 10, 2020. ASIMCO's VP Wilson Ni, ASIMCO Shanxi's GM Tian, Assistant to GM Kong Deqiang, ASIMCO Camshaft's DGM Zhou and ASIMCO Shuanghuan's DGM Liu attended the meeting. 
At the start of this new year, three operating companies were recognized by SFH's three prizes. Specifically, ASIMCO Shanxi was honored as the "Excellent Supplier", and ASIMCO Camshaft and ASIMCO Shuanghuan received the "Contribution Prize of Excellent Quality" and the "Contribution Prize of Excellent Value".

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ASIMCO Shanxi's General Manager Tian Guojun spoke as the sole representative of the suppliers at the prize-giving ceremony. He, on behalf of his own company and other operating companies under ASIMCO Group, expressed his cordial congratulation on SFH's impressive accomplishments for several consecutive years

He said that "Since its cooperation with SFH in 2010, ASIMCO Shanxi provided SFH with three series of cylinder blocks, cylinder heads and crankcases at Cursor 9L, 11L and 13L, including eight types of products. In one decade, the employees of all levels from two companies closely cooperate, coordinate and interact with one another in project planning, mold design, process development, sample preparation, batch production and product processing and assembly. In the cooperation process, SFH's employees work conscientiously and earnestly to inspire and encourage us through their professional and admirable ethics. Our cooperation with SFH has driven our technological development and expanded our market size." 


He said that "We expect all the suppliers can join their minds and hands under SFH, provide better-quality, more timely and reliable services and supports for SFH, and make concerted efforts to grow together with SFH and create a magnificent future!" 

At the meeting, Mr. Ni introduced ASIMCO Group's establishment of its European branch to the leaders from SFH, CNH Powertrain and CNH, in a bid to deepen the bilateral communication, and also introduced the group's production lines.

In the future, ASIMCO Group will further deepen the cooperation in the new cylinder blocks made of vermicular cast iron, natural gas cylinder blocks, SLC thick-film coating technology, and other new technologies and products.

Several operating companies under ASIMCO Group are SFH's suppliers. Given their good performance and reputation, strong supply capability abroad and vigorous technological supports, we are convinced that this will lay a solid basis for ASIMCO Group's further cooperation with SFH and its parent company CNH Industrial.