December 19 , 2019  

ASIMCO Shanxi Recognized by Foton Cummins' s "Best Product Development Prize 2019"

Foton Cummins's Supplier Conference with the theme of "Striving for Excellence, Achieving Leapfrog Development and Supporting Client Success" was held in Kunming, Yunnan Province on December 19, 2019. Mr. Tian Guozhu, General Manager of ASIMCO International, was invited to attend the conference. 

ASIMCO Shanxi was honored with Foton Cummins's "Best Product Development Prize 2019" at the conference for its excellent product quality and on-site service, and especially its outstanding performance in some products at National VI Emission Standard, including X13L cylinder block, H6 cylinder block and Cheetah cylinder block and head.

As Foton Cummins's global strategic partner, ASIMCO Shanxi supplies the cylinder blocks and heads of two heavy-duty engines including X12L and X13L, which made outstanding contributions to Foton Cummins's successful exploration in the heavy-duty trucks in 2019. Meanwhile, ASIMCO Shanxi leveraged its most valuable resources to back up Cummins' products at National VI Emission Standard and to meet the requirements for delivery cycle, quantity and quality, thus laying a solid foundation for Foton Cummins's goal of 235,000 engines in 2020.

This new title showed the recognition and applause of ASIMCO Shanxi's outstanding performance in the new product development process by Foton Cummins's clients. What's more, the new products launched in ASIMCO Shanxi will inject the new energy into the company's operation and development in 2020. The company will keep pace with Foton Cummins's strategic development goal, constantly increase product quality and enhance service level according to the international industry standard, and stride toward the goal "to be China's leading auto components company with the recognizable global impact".