December 15 , 2019  

ASIMCO Shuanghuan Recognized by Weichai Power "Excellent Quality Award" and as Shandong Heavy Industry's "Excellent Supplier" and Yangchai's "Excellent Supplier"

Weichai Power and Shandong Heavy Industry's 2020 Global Engine Purchase Conference with the theme of "Advance toward the Premium in Technology-Driven Development" was held on December 15. The world's leading engine parts suppliers all got together in Weifang, Shandong Province, to paint a bright future and advance toward the premium with Weichai Power and Shandong Heavy Industry.

At the conference, Chairman Tan Xuguang mentioned the strategic development goal of "Double Million" in 2025 for Weichai Power's engine business, and explained how to achieve the goal for the suppliers present. He hoped all the suppliers to integrate the group-wide purchase resources, deepen global cooperation and conduct concerted R&D work for the purpose of creating a high-quality, sharing-integration, and clean and transparent supplier system". They will become the world's leading suppliers in the road to the goal of "Double Million".

Weichai Power unveiled the launch ceremony of the 80,000th air compressor and the 800,000th engines for 2019 in the presence of all the suppliers. The annual output of 80,000 air compressors broke Weichai Power's record for the production and sales of natural air compressors.

ASIMCO Shuanghuan's General Manager Li Kaishun and Deputy General Manager Yang Ming were invited to attend this important event. The company was honored by Weichai Power" "Excellent Quality Award", and as Shandong Heavy Industry's "Excellent Supplier" and Yangchai's "Excellent Supplier". The company's impressive performance was recognized by the clients. These titles will encourage the company to focus its energy on the main operation single-mindedly, provide clients with high-grade lean products with outstanding quality and join hands with Weichai Power and Shandong Heavy Industry to advance the premium and explore the global market.