September 1 , 2019  

2019 ASIMCO Kevin Li Scholarship Fund Announced

Having studied very hard for over a decade, a new group of ASIMCO kids, who cherish the strong hope for a better future, will enter their long-sought universities and open a new chapter in life. At the same time, we’re excited to witness a list of 28 candidates for 2019 ASIMCO Kevin Li Scholarship, who were selected and recommended by all the operating companies. 

Kevin Li Scholarship Fund was created to commemorate Mr. Kevin Li and his significant contributions to ASIMCO. The Scholarship aims to provide assistance for the eligible children of ASIMCO employees and encourage them to devote themselves to the study in the disciplines of science and engineering, thus making preparations for their future careers in the field of science and technology. 

Based its selection on a number of factors, including examination scores, universities and majors, demand for scholarship, applicants’ intention, and recommendation by operating companies, ASIMCO Group’s management team finally selected this year’s winners through comprehensive evaluation and voting. The winners of 2019 ASIMCO Kevin Li Scholarship are announced (whose names are arranged in the order of the number of strokes in surnames). 

Winner University Major Parents
OpCo Name
Chen Juhui Beijing Jiaotong University Transportation ASIMCO Shuanghuan Chen Xiaobing
Hu Qiwen Wuhan Institute of Technology Architecture ASIMCO Shendian Hu Hongliang
Jiang Yang Hangzhou Normal University Computer science & technology ASIMCO Shanxi Jiang Jun
Wang Huaihua
Ping Xiaoyan Southeast University Architecture ASIMCO Shanxi Liu Zhen
Xie Yuzhu Changzhou University Polymer material and engineering ASIMCO Shuanghuan Jiang Ling
Xu Kaiyun Wannan Medical College Medical imaging ASIMCO Anhui Xu Xuebing
Xue Hanzhou Lanzhou Jiaotong University Mechanical & electronic engineering ASIMCO Shanxi Xue Zhijun
Zhang Ziniu Beihang University  Engineering experiment class ASIMCO Camshaft Zhang Bingdong
Zhao Yangkun Jiangsu University of Science & Technology Energy and power engineering ASIMCO Shuanghuan Zhao Daoping
Zheng Ziyi Nanjing Normal University Zhongbei College Energy and power engineering ASM Zheng Xinghao
Zhang Yan
Zhou Di Anhui University of Science & Technology Finance ASIMCO Anhui Zhou Shuangjiu
Huang Yonghong

 Sincerely congratulate this year's 11 scholarship winners and their parents! And hope to see more participation in the Scholarship’s appraisal and selection in the future.