July 18 , 2019  

Approach to GAC R&D Center and GAC NE
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A team of 25 members from ASIMCO Group visited the R&D Center of Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd. ("GAC R&D Center") and GAC New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. ("GAC NE") on July 18, 2019 to talk with the teams of Engine R&D Department, Chassis R&D Department and Development & Purchase Department about market trend, technology trend and possibilities of cooperation.

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Huge opportunities for self-owned brands
GAC's self-owned brands recorded the fastest growth in China from 2018 to 2019. GAC R&D Center's management team shared its views about the development of self-owned brands. It's true that self-owned brands come across some noticeable problems and the consumers' confidence is crippled. But if market, policy and national policy are considered, we think that the self-owned brands will embrace a very bright future. China's auto market still has considerable growth potentials now. After all, our car ownership per 1000 people is much lower when compared to the figures in the developed world. As the self-owned brands become technologically more capable, GAC has enough confidence to develop into the world's leading auto maker. The recent introduction of National VI Emission Standard will exert an impact on market, but the market is expected to get steady since July. The self-owned brands with development capability and spirit of innovation are sure to play an increasing role.
To become a components supplier with technological strength, high quality and competitive cost
When talking about how the components suppliers grow together with the self-own auto brands, the management team stressed opening-up and innovation. For auto makers, it'll become a growing trend to focus on integrated innovation of systems and achieve synchronous development with those excellent components companies. In this way, the cooperation will get tighter and the development process and system will move ahead along the supply chain. The special department of GAC R&D Center takes responsibility for the analysis and research of sophisticated technologies, and takes intervention measures in case of any future-looking technologies. The Purchase Department has the communication platform accessible to all the suppliers, but the rigorous review is conducted according to the related process. GAC prefers to partner with those components suppliers with technological strength, high quality and competitive cost.
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During the talk, the two companies exchanged ideas about the development outlook of three-cylinder engines, assembled camshafts, and technology roadmaps of energy-saving and new-energy vehicles (including 48V system)). With its strong R&D performance in electric motor, 48V system, balanced shaft of three-cylinder engine, bushing, suspension, hydraulic suspension/bushing, and assembled camshaft, ASIMCO Group cherishes an earnest hope to strengthen the cooperation with GAC and become GAC's long-term partner.
What's more, this visit involved Intelligent Networking Lab, Electronic & Electric Lab, NVH Lab, Components Lab, Vehicle Suspension Performance Lab and Road Simulation Lab, and also the world-class smart and ecological plant GAC NE. This new plant enjoys four "world-leading" advantages, including the flexible manufacturing plant of vehicles with steel and aluminum bodies, the digitalized autonomous decision plant, the deep interactive and customized plant, and the first comprehensive energy utilization plant. This experience impressed all the visitors deeply. (Source of the photo on the upper right: an article published by the official wechat of GAC NE)