July 5 , 2019  

ASIMCO Technical Day 2019 successfully held in Dongfeng Cummins

ASIMCO Technical Day was held in Dongfeng Cummins ("DC") on the morning of July 5, 2019.
DC's team of 35 members, headed by VP of Technology and Purchasing Director, took part in this activity. ASIMCO Group's Vice President of Sales & Marketing Wilson Ni introduced the Group's operation and partnership with Cummins. The Group's operating companies including ASIMCO Shuanghuan, NPR ASIMCO, ASIMCO Shanxi, ASIMCO Camshaft, ASIMCO Anhui and ASIMCO Tianjin mainly introduced their own "new products and technologies and their development trends, and existing DC components problems and solutions".

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At the outset of the event, DC's Vice President of Technology introduced the company's development history and objective. He stressed that Cummins' engine series will measure up to National VI Emission Standard through two technological innovations including the "EGR-free post-processing system" and the "Smart Brain 2.0" of new smart control system to significantly drive the values of auto makers and end users.
DC's Purchasing Director delivered an impromptu speech. She expressed her cordial hope to ASIMCO Group's teams:
1. Environmental protection and safety: As Cummins's partner, ASIMCO Group is expected to pay the same attention to this issue.
2. Development to measure up to National VI Emission Standard: Successful APQP implementation, project management, and better control of key links.
3. Product quality
    - Get ready to support Cummins and serve "Angel Client";
   - Pay enough attention to look of casting and "three leakages", highlight high standard and strict requirements in the design of products, and try not to wait until mass production is started
   - Extended warranty: Suppliers should face future challenges along with DC when the designed service life and customers' needs get increasingly higher.
DC's leader hoped in the concluding speech that the Group's operating companies can work together with DC to explore the solutions to such problems as the anti-rusting technology of intake port in cylinder head and wear resistance of iron camshaft (anti-peeling), and spoke highly of ASIMCO Shuanghuan's impressive performance in engine oil consumption through its second compression ring.
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All the operating companies under ASIMCO Group took this chance to gain a clear understanding of DC's short and mid-term development strategy, product planning and requirements for suppliers, and to help clients approach the Group's latest technologies and service capabilities of all the product lines in the new light.
With the time-honored Cummins as its example, ASIMCO Group will treat "ASIMCO Technical Day" as the new starting point, and make ceaseless innovations and "Challenge The Impossible" to practice the Group's vision "To be China's leading auto components group with recognizable global impact".