June 19 , 2019  

ASIMCO Shanxi Recognized as the "Excellent Enterprise of Shanxi Province 2018"

"Shanxi Entrepreneurs Day 2019 and the 27th Annual Meeting of Shanxi Enterprises Confederation", which was sponsored by Shanxi Enterprise Confederation and Shanxi Entrepreneurs Association was held in Taiyuan on June 19, 2019. More than 1000 entrepreneurs attended this event. With the theme of "upholding the spirit of excellent entrepreneurs and developing more excellent enterprises", the conference published the good results of the first corporate culture event of Shanxi Province, and granted such awards as the "Honorable Enterprise of Shanxi Province, Excellent Enterprise of Shanxi Province, Honorable Entrepreneur of Shanxi Province and Excellent Entrepreneur of Shanxi Province" for the year 2018.
ASIMCO Shanxi has secured the industry leadership in Shanxi Province and even in China when it comes to the main economic and technological indicators for 2018. Due to its significant economic advantages, impressive spirit of innovation and craftsmanship and excellent business results, ASIMCO Shanxi was honored on this important occasion by two awards, including the "Excellent Enterprise 2018" for the company and the "Excellent Entrepreneur 2018" for its General Manager Tian Guozhu. The awards are to recognize and encourage those enterprises and entrepreneurs who have made outstanding contributions to the social and economic development of Shanxi Province. Therefore, they're undoubtedly the recognition of the company's critical role in promoting the social and economic development of Shanxi Province.
The company enjoys the hard-earned success and faces a more exciting future. The awards recognize past efforts and embody new energy and hope. The company will get further boosted, gather positive energy and make greater contributions to the completion of the Group and company's new tasks through its firmer belief, stronger morale and meticulous work attitude and style.