May 10 , 2019  

Cummins and ASIMCO Group's Class-A Strategic Suppliers Meeting Held in ASIMCO Shuanghuan ("A Panel Review")

ASIMCO Group is Cummins's Class-A strategic supplier. This year' A Panel review was held in ASIMCO Shuanghuan on May 10, 2019. The procurement heads from DCEC, BFCEC, Anhui Cummins, CCEC, XCEC, GCIC and ABO gathered in ASIMCO Shuanghuan. President and CEO of ASIMCO Group Wang Bin, and Vice President Wilson Ni, ASIMCO Shuanghuan's General Manager Li Kaishun, ASIMCO Shanxi's General Manager Tian Guozhu and ASIMCO Camshaft's General Manager Chen Aiguo, attended the meeting.
DCEC's Executive DGM Wang Kaijun and ASIMCO Group's President Wang Bin delivered an opening speech separately. Cummins's ABO Director Zhang Hongwu gave a report on the company's organizational structure and business updates. The heads of those operating companies under ASIMCO Group reported their own companies' operations and their cooperation with Cummins. This meeting reviewed Cummins's performance assessment of the operating companies for the last year and the progress in new projects, and described Cummins's expectation of the operating companies. Mr. Wang spoke highly of each operating company's impressive performance. Because the National VI Emission Standard is to be implemented soon, he put forward some requirements for and expectations of all the operating companies. In the course of meeting, the representatives visited ASIMCO Shuanghuan and ASIMCO Camshaft to make positive comments on their scene management work.
ASIMCO Group and Cummins further tightened their existing cooperation projects and explored the strategic cooperation potentials at this strategic meeting. We're convinced that their cooperation will enter a new stage because of the senior executives' vigorous supports.