ASIMCO Technologies' most valuable asset is its people.  Attracting and retaining the best people is critical to ASIMCO Technologies' success and this is achieved through investment in continual professional development.

The Company provides a range of training programs for its employees.  Training covers everything from management skills, leadership, lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, quality as well as other disciplines that help the Company to achieve major corporate initiatives.  This ensures that employees develop to their full potential, are adaptable to cultural differences and extend key corporate initiatives throughout the ASIMCO Technologies organization.

ASIMCO training and development programs has made great contribution to the improvement of ASIMCO staffs competency and set up a foundation for ASIMCO’s talent pool.  Different development program for different level staffs is being established to provide an avenue for our backbone at different levels to improve essential skill during different stages of individual’s career.   

Program introduction

Development Program for Senior Executives

Development program for executives is designed to be centered on high level executives at each operating company.  They are playing a key role in shaping and interpreting corporate policy, impacting overall corporate direction and having long-term impact to the business line or staff function.

Hence, participants for the Executive Development Program was designed to focus on  experienced senior people at the level of deputy general manager or above. 

ASIMCO EDP is a high end personnel development program focus on systematically improving full-scale advanced modern enterprise theory, managerial tools and knowledge. The objective is to get to know most front edge ideas and theories, to broaden views and mind-set. The program is organized by ASIMCO HQ with the cooperation of Tsinghua SEM EDP program which will cover all-rounds modern business operation and management.

Development Program for Midlevel Managers

ASIMCO MDP designed to focus on midlevel mangers who has people management responsibility, heads or support revenue generating departments and is responsible for daily operation.

This program focuses on systematically improving midlevel managers’  daily management and leadership skills to strengthen team spirit and execution force. The group HQ selected highly profound external training resource , the whole program is focused on management and leadership together with some general operation courses and other activities.

Besides the above leadership programs, ASIMCO has multi-style training activities in daily work to improve normal staffs professionalism, such as assisting staffs to attend job related external public training course, organize in-house training, organize information sharing seminar and conduct reading books activities.