Established in February 1994, ASIMCO Technologies ("ASIMCO") has become one of the leading independent auto components group in China.  ASIMCO currently has 7 major operating companies, and 400 service stations in China.  ASIMCO has also established sales branches in the United States, Europe and Japan.  In addition, ASIMCO has more than a dozen operating warehouse distribution centers around the world to better serve our internaitonal customers.

ASIMCO manufactures a wide range of products, including stop-start starters, regular starters and alternators; piston rings, valve seat rings, NVH and rubber seals and material process technology related products, such as iron casting engine cylinder heads and blocks, iron or steel casting camshafts, varieties of gravity or die casting aluminum components, and powder metal sintered parts.  Based on its various product categories, ASIMCO has built 5 independent R&D centers to persistently improve its product development capabilities.  With more demanding and stricter government requirements on fuel economy, emission standards and safety, ASIMCO is increasing its investment in new product development and is improving its product structure according to the characteristics of the Chinese market.  These new products include new generation stop-start starters for passenger car fuel efficiency, key engine components such as piston rings, camshafts and engine blocks and heads for Euro V & Euro VI engines.

ASIMCO's market focus mainly falls into four categories: commercial vehicle market, passenger car market, international market and the aftermarket.  ASIMCO has long established good and stable customer relationships with all major engine makers and vehicle OEMs in China and has ever since played an important role in many of its product areas.  While at the meantime, ASIMCO has also been rapidly increasing its international market presence by catering to the needs of its global customers at lower costs through Chinese sourcing initiatives.

ASIMCO has a highly skilled and experienced international management team, who not only understands how to operate successfully in China, but also knows how to operate successfully on a global scale.  ASIMCO's vision is "to become China's leading auto components group with recognizable impact."  Being the first global auto components group rooted in China, its unique market position coupled with its diverse product lines and assured quality standards, make ASIMCO an attractive and reliable strategic partner to many of the world's leading companies.